How many channels of synchronized video can be played at once?

The ShowSource™ Duo offers two channels on a single server, and the ShowSource™ Solo offers one channel on a single server. Slave units can be added for a virtually unlimited number of channels.

I see that in addition to MPEG1, MPEG2 and H.264 the server plays Cineform files. What is this and why would I want to use it?

Cineform is a visually lossless codec that provides high-quality playback up to 2k resolution. The encoding software is very economical for content creators. So for critical applications where you might want something on par with a 2k-resolution JPEG2000, Cineform provides a great solution.

How many channels of audio can be played at once?

You can have up to sixteen channels of uncompressed audio playing along with the video or as standalone audio depending on the soundcard option you choose. If you need more, call us!

What OS does the ShowSource™ use?

The ShowSource™ uses WindowsXP Embedded. This is a specialized version of the OS in which many of the components typically found in WindowsXP are removed to provide a platform that is completely efficient and reliable. WindowsXP Embedded is commonly used in critical industrial applications, kiosks, point-of-sale systems, etc.

Is any of the ShowSource™ hardware proprietary?

No. The ShowSource™ uses readily available commercially manufactured components, which ensures long-term availability and compatibility in the event of a hardware problem. However, the software and OS are only compatible with specifically approved hardware. The machines are built, set up, and tested to ensure that they are fully functional with no chances for compatibility issues before they go out the door.

Why doesn't the ShowSource™ use RAID arrays?

While RAID arrays can be very useful for general data purposes they can be problematic in situations like video playback where constant access to drives and the flow of data is critical. The prospect of RAID systems rebuilding damaged drives can be problematic because playback performance is compromised during the long rebuilding process. It's better to make backup images of the main drives using the hot-swappable HDD bays. In the event of a drive failure you simply unlock it, insert the backup drive, restart the system, and you're back in business in less than five minutes. The additional drives and imaging software are available for purchase as an add-on option.

How does the redundant power supply work?

The power supply in the ShowSource™ is actually includes two completely discrete, functional supplies in one. The ShowSource™ is capable of running off of only one of these supplies if necessary. In the event that one of them fails an alarm will sound. With the server still running, you can then remove the bad power supply module and replace it with a spare. Spare power supply modules are available for purchase as an add-on option.

What if I have a non-flat projection surface or need to blend images?

Geometry warping and edge blending systems are built-in and very easy to use!

Is the ShowSource™ DCI compliant?

No. The ShowSource platform is not DCI compliant.

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